Who Are We?

The editors at Editing HQ are veterans of academia and the New York City publishing world. We are college composition instructors, published and prize-winning Master of Fine Arts in Writing graduates, and Doctoral students in literature. In short, we have a passion for fine professional, academic, and creative writing.

What Services Do We Offer?

In addition to our special $11.99 resume editing and critiquing service we offer proofreading, light editing, revisioning and critiquing services for your written work. We can give your text a facelift and/or send you a written critique suggesting problematic sections and avenues for revision.

We specialize in editing academic papers (using APA, MLA, Harvard and other standard citation formats), magazine-style articles, business writing, novels, short stories, English as a second language, and poetry. We are always careful to align our changes with the author's original style and intent.

What Are Our Fees?

Our document editing fees start as low as $10 and range from $2-$5/page, depending on the services requested. Our resume service has a 24 hour turnaround, and regular text editing and critique is returned in 1-3 days.